Singers4all helps people at all levels and abilities to enjoy the Singing Bug! 

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We help individuals to develop a reliable, natural and uncomplicated approach to using their voice and to learn how to become powerful communicators.

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Ensemble Workshops

Want to breathe new energy and a more reliable sound into your ensemble?

Why not try one of our ensemble workshops designed to help explore vocal potential through developing a more reliable vocal production and confident interpretation.

It is our belief that we should work with the group in front of us and not with the one in our heads. Therefore, we develop and encourage the group’s strong points and allow these positive elements to permeate in to the areas which are less strong.

We have found that groups achieve their best results when we tailor each workshop to their individual needs.

Workshops include some, or all of the following:

Helping participants to feel more confident in their own singing voices. 

Developing controlled relaxation techniques and good vocal practice.

Increased confidence in using warm ups and knowing the reasons and theory behind them. 

Giving warm-ups a theme and using them to incorporate musical themes, text or rhythmical patterns to be explored in pieces that are being rehearsed.

Listening and breathing as a group and in a style which is appropriate to the piece being studied.

Performance techniques and pacing. 

Still feeling vocally fresh at the end of a concert.

Pitching, rhythm and flow.

Watching and reacting.


Sound production.

For enquiries, please contact Fiona Firth via email.